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Summer Classes are from June 10-July 19

There will be no classes on July 4-5 for holidays

Registration Fee

One time only for new students (not annual) $80.00

Early Childhood Classes-

Creative Movement-$60.00 per month (2 half hour classes per week)

Contemporary Ballet-

Level A- $75.00 per month (2 forty minuet classes per week)

Level B- $80.00 per month (2 fifty minuet classes per week)

Boys' Class $80.00 per month (1 one-hour class per week)

Level C- $85.00 per month (2 one-hour classes per week)

Level D- $200.00 per month (By invitation only)

Partnering- $50.00 per month (1 thirty minuet class per week)

(Partnering may be added on to Boy's Class for half price)


Beginning Tap- $50.00 per month

Intermediate Tap- $50.00 per month

(Tap may be added on to Level A, B or C for half price)

Summer Schedule 2024 (3)
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